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Public transit services are available in each of our four counties connecting to various adjacent counties within WA and Idaho. PRTPO with a help from our Transit agencies, WSDOT and FTA is working towards finding various ways to fill in the gaps for transit services as a region and increase the regional access for areas that are inaccessible at this moment. PRTPO recently conducted a Human Service Transportation Coordination Plan (HSTCP) study in 2014 and will also be holding our final round of public participation meetings this Summer/fall 2015 to update the final report. Additionally, a routine two year public outreach meetings for a two year update is scheduled to be in Spring/ Fall of 2016. o Summary for Palouse RTPO HSTCP (Full report can be found in studies section of this website) PRTPO encourages all public to participate in our online surveys when available and make your voice heard to see the transit change that can benefit your needs. For information on o Title VI and a complaint form please click here o Online Public Participation Surveys click here Below is a brief information on our transits and their corresponding Transit development (TDP) six year plan:

Asotin County transit (PTBA) 

Services are provided through a contract with Valley Transit that operates Fixed Route service as well as Demand Response service. (PTBA Transit Devlopment Plan)

Columbia County Public Transit service 

Services are provided by Columbia County Public Transportation. They offer Demand Response (Dial-a-Ride) and van pool services. (Columbia County Transit Devlopment Plan)

Council on Aging & Human Services (COAST)

COAST serves nine counties in Washington and Idaho, including Asotin, Garfield and Whitman.  (COAST Transit Devlopment Plan- coming soon)

Garfield County Transportation

Garfield operates a deviated fixed route between Pomeroy and the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley and a Dial-a-Ride service within Pomeroy. (Garfield County Transit Devlopment Plan)

Pullman Transit 

Pullman Transit is a city transit service operate fixed route services and a paratransit service within the Pullman city limits. (Pullman Transit Devlopement Plan) In addition to Pullman Transit, Whitman County has a variety of transit services in public and private operations: Wheatland Express, a charter bus operator, operates a subsidized fixed-route public shuttle between the campus of             Washington State University and the University of Idaho, and serves the Spokane International Airport. Northwestern Trailways operates intercity routes using over-the-road coaches. The route links Boise, Idaho to            Spokane, Washington.

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