Freights and Highway Transportation

The major north-south highways are U.S. 195 in Washington and U.S. 95 in Idaho. These highways provide access for the Clarkston-Lewiston, Pullman-Moscow and Colfax areas to Interstate 90 in Spokane. Traveling east, U.S. 12 connects to U.S. 195 and U.S. 95, and traveling west of the District, connects to major highways I-84 and U.S. 395.

Freight and Goods System Regional Roadway Network Map

Asotin, Columbia, Garfield and Whitman Detailed County Road Map

Additionally, State Route 26 runs west from Colfax and connects with U.S. 395, and on to Interstate 90 at Vantage.  This is a major route west to Seattle. State Highway 129 is the major north-south highway between Clarkston and Enterprise, Oregon.


The region is served by numerous trucking and express package delivery services. Trucking fleets include private contract carriers, corporate truck fleets, and commercial for-hire fleets. Various express package fleets serve the region using the air facilities located in and around the region.  

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