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We are the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) funded and regulated  Transportation planning organization for the SE corner of the WA serving four Counties of Asotin, Garfield,  Columbia and Whitman. Palouse RTPO was originally formed in 1993 between the four counties as a result of Growth Management Act (GMA) to ensure local and regional coordination of Transportation plans. (Learn More) We work closely with four counties, local and regional community, Public Transit Agencies, Ports, Cities, Towns,  Counties, WSDOT and the Lewis-Clark Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (LCVMPO)  to deliver comprehensive transportation planning and policy services for the region.

Palouse RTPO Regional Arc GIS Map (pdf)


Why were RTPOs created?

RTPOs were authorized as part of the 1990 Growth Management Act to ensure local and regional coordination of transportation plans.  (Learn More at WSDOT Website)

What is an RTPO?

A Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) is formed through a voluntary association of local governments within a county or contiguous counties. RTPO members include cities, counties, WSDOT, tribes, ports, transportation service providers, private employers and others.

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Please see our public involvement section to find upcoming events, meetings, programs and public participation studies.

What do RTPO do? (Click here)

Current News:

Palouse RTPO has recently signed a WSDOT’s new contract to promote and

educate Local Agencies with a Complete Street Program for our region (Learn


Palouse RTPO and Local Public Transits are conducting a public

outreach for your feedback on Public Transit. Here’s the schedule


o August 13th, 2015- City of Colfax (Click here for details) o August 13th, 2015- City of Pullman o August 14th, 2015- City of Dayton o August 21st, 2015- City of Pomeroy (details) o August 28th, 2015- City of Clarkston (details) o TBD- City of Lewiston (details) o September 23rd, 2015- WSU University (details)

Palouse Regional Freight Study (2015) project:

This project was sought out for a qualified consultants and after reviewing various consultants, PRTPO has decided to award this project to Dr. Ken Casavant (DBA Palouse Partners). Please click on link(s) below to see further details on our requirement and deadlines: o Palouse RTPO RFQ Document  o Work plan o Project Kick Off Teleconference Call- May 14th, 2015 at 10 AM and 2 PM o Stakeholders meetings- (10 Am -12 noon) July 11th, 2015- Port of Whitman office July 16th, 2015- City of Clarkston office o Interim Report  o Interim report and a presentation by Dr Ken Casavant, will be held in Board meeting on July 21st.

Palouse RTPO represented our Regional HSTCP (Human Services

Transportation Coordination Plan) to ACCT (Agency council on Coordinated

Transportation) during their July 12th, 2015 meeting. (Learn More)

Palouse RTPO Officers Meeting was held on July 18th, 2015 to discuss current

biennium projects and their activities. Click here for our Project list and status.

TIB (Transportation Improvement Board) is currently seeking a Call for

projects. (Learn More)

Palouse RTPO’s Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) Call for projects is

to be anticipated in October 2015 (Learn More)

PRTPO is gearing up for a Regional Transportation Plan (Long range) renewal

later this year (Learn More)

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