Palouse Regional Transportation Planning Organization

We are a transportation planning organization for the four Counties of Asotin, Garfield,  Columbia and Whitman in the Southeast Washington State. We work closely with the Lewis-Clark Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (LCVMPO) to deliver comprehensive transportation planning and policy services for the region.

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Southeast Washington Economic Development Association – Link Dredging Jan. 2015 dredging

The dredging was initially scheduled to begin in early December and conclude by February 28, 2015. Accelerated dredging will now occur for approximately 6 weeks during this same “in-water work window” – the time of year biologists deem best for the fish. The sediment is so clean, it will be used downstream on the Snake River near Knoxway Canyon to create resting and rearing habitat for juvenile salmon, primarily fall Chinook[1]. Unlike most other navigation channels around the country, dredging is needed fairly infrequently on the Lower Snake River. Small parts of the navigation channel were dredged in 1999, and not again until 2006. The federal navigation channel has been maintenance-free for nine years. The quantities proposed for removal are a fraction of what is dredged in other river systems across the nation. “This is clearly a win-win project for the region,” stated Kristin Meira, Executive Director of the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association. “This will not only benefit our environment, but it will also ensure that grain and other commodities continue to move efficiently through the region. Barging is a large part of the Northwest economy, and this dredging action is vital to keeping Northwest goods competitive in the global marketplace.”

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